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Morgan "Archie" Oviatt

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Check out my full catalog - See something you like? Let's negotiate some rates! I started mastering because noone in my area of my military base would run at that time in '99. I invited five people, thought I would get two... but they told two friends who told two friends...and eleven (+a date!) showed up to my first Vampire DarkAges in '99 I am a GM for D&D and Exalted on here. I prefer newbies to "experienced RPG players" because the new people tend to bring less preconceptions and their lack of the GM secrets or overarching world allows me to enjoy their expressions of surprise and elation when battling baddies and revealing larger plots. I tend to run 70% Roleplaying/30% Combat (I hate combat, but it has its place) I have enjoyed many games over the years besides the ones already listed including Rolemaster (my intro to gaming with dice), Palladium, "Serenity/Firefly the LARP" run in Houston, OWOD Larping in (Akron OH, Houston TX, Darmstadt Germany), the Exalted LARP I ran at Rice University, Witch Girls and the amazing Mastermaze tournaments held at Rice University, a Rockband/StarWars/Amber game, the massive Tower of Munchkin tournament I ran at Texas A&M, Chrononauts and many others. I have also assisted in running the gaming section of Conflagration in 2013. I also recently started DMing D&D 5E within the last 6 or 7 years. I love gaming and my work always over-assumes the players are awesome, because...well, they usually are. I understand that at 15 per game, 5 dollars an hour sounds pricey, I really do. Amusement parks are 60 and you are there less than 12 hours. Movies are 20 a person and you are there less than 4 hours. You are paying for me to put all the tokens and sounds and movements and descriptions into a cool game with journals and handouts (and sometimes even a physical trinket or two) and all of that time comes together at the end for a very cheap price. Do you want a guy who bought a pre-made module to run you a so-so phone-cam level game for cheap? You get what you pay for. Or do you want me to give you the bells and whistles and upgrades and accessories to make your story an interactive option with additional content and changes to better that game across the storyline? You get what you pay for. I aim to give you Robert Rodriguez level entertainment, "cheaper-than-you should-pay" costs for "getting-what-you-pay-for" entertainment. In the world of making games. I aim for "cheap" to get you in the door and "exciting" to keep you there.

GM style

I am great with Roleplay, I am weak on voices (sorry Mercer fans!), but I love telling stories. Which is why I use Syrinscape, the officially licensed voice actors and foley artists of D&D and Pathfinder. I will be your meanest enemies but as the DM, I am always the first person to tell you how proud I think your characters are doing. I run DnD for an LGBTQIA+ church, (currently playing Dragon Heist/GoldenVault) so I have run for minors before. I am an avid fan of the Inspiration mechanic and love giving it out like candy. During in person games in the Phoenix area, I tend to buy props (Think Beadle+Grimm level) and give-aways for games and I can sorta-kinda do that in virtual games as well. I love doing special effects in my games which is why I moved from Roll20 to FoundryVTT in Sept'21. Let me assure you I am very excited to run for new players. New players will do the things that traditionalists won't try any more and the new players will often pull it off. I am not a fan of min-max munchkin characters, I like stories with weaknessed baddies. I love watching people learn new things to try. I love engaging the imagination. I love seeing development in players. Five players is my sweet spot. Smaller is more difficult for the party, larger slows the game down too much. Gathering five friends will just feel right. If you are hiring for IRL, I live in Glendale near the premiere game store in the PHX area, so that is a decent middle-ground meeting place for prospective gaming conversations and setups with me. I don't have an insta, twitter, youtube or twitch of my games because I'm not running a game for a bunch of people who are not involved. I don't film people because that requires model notices and some people are not comfortable with that, including me. I am not pretending to run a game to entertain the masses I will never know. I am legitimately running a game for the people who care enough to get involved, which I hope means you.


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