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About me

I've played D&D since back in AD&D years and I've run the same campaign world since then as well. I currently live in Knoxville and I love being a DM. I have a few home groups that I run games for through Roll20 for the last 3 years and have focused on doing some conversions for old school D&D campaigns and Modules. (Night Below, Dragonlance, old boxed sets) I've DMed in D&D for about 15 years now and I'm looking for new friends and new players I can create games for. My passion really is in DMing, not streaming or creating video content. I really get into what my players want to do with their characters and work hard to integrate them into the game. I have an old school DM approach where games are challenging and can be quite deadly at times but the risk is always relative to the reward!

GM style

I enjoy running challenging combat encounters for my players that include social and problem solving elements. I typically run my combats on a grid in a VTT or on a mat for in person games and I do like having tactical, fast moving combats. I have found that over the years, games don't need to be focused on combat to be fun. I've run plenty of games in my long running campaign of Night Below where it is all social interactions and exploration and everyone had a fantastic time. In the social aspect of the game I do the best I can with voicing NPCs. I like to describe and narrate things as the players go and really like the world to react to what the players are doing. I am a "emergent plotline" kind of DM that lets the players' decisions guide the campaign rather than me directing them.

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