Call of Cthulhu | The Britten Institute Case Files #002: The White Line's Curse

Call of Cthulhu on Fantasy Grounds, Zoom

Welcome back, investigators. Now that you have been introduced to the world of the paranormal and survived, it's time for you to begin your assignments in earnest. For your next investigation, we are sending you to the...

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How to prepare

If you created a character in the first session and they survived, use their character sheet. Otherwise, have a new character written up and ready to play. We will use Fantasy Grounds for rolls and maps, and Zoom to stay in contact.

What I provide

A pro account of Zoom and Fantasy Grounds so you can get by on the free versions!

What else should you know

If you'd like, a little research into the White Line cruise liner company might help you understand some references, but is not required to enjoy the story.

Gameplay Details

This is the second episode of The Britten Institute case files. If you are a new player, it is recommended you play Case file #001, as it includes an intro to the game Call of Cthulhu. Otherwise, the episodes can be played in any order, or choose one with a theme you enjoy! Call of Cthulhu is a story rich, combat low style RPG, where your main strategy shouldn't necessarily be to win, but to survive your encounters with otherworldly entities. This episode deals with fears of drowning, the deep ocean, and claustrophobia. Not for the faint of heart!

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