Nothing beats having custom art for your tabletop RPG character. Sure, you can find a lot of good art in Dungeons & Dragons books and even more varied art in indie systems. But sometimes you just can’t find a cute gnomish wizard with a purple familiar no matter how hard you try. And if you’re a professional Game Master, you know how crucial having cool art can be. So check out the work of a very skilled artist for commission during this month’s StartPlaying Artist Spotlight!

Today we’re featuring Neinfurr, an artist who specializes in characters. Their work often features characters with detailed outfits and expressive poses. They are great with fantasy and sci-fi humanoids, making their style perfect for player characters. Neinfurr enjoys dark figures like Shadar Kai elves but also excels with warforged and nature-born beings. 

Neinfurr’s pieces have taken off on the D&D subreddit, earning them a lot of commission requests. Their affordable prices probably help. They start at $50 for a fully colored bust or headshot, and max out at around $100 for a full body figure. This makes them a wonderful pick for VTT token art–but act now, as they likely have other commission requests in the queue. 

To contact Neinfurr, reach out via Twitter or Instagram @neinfurr. Thanks to Nein for allowing us to feature them, and we hope some fantastic characters are born as a result! 

Aug 31, 2023
Game Masters

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