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As they pull the blindfold from around your head, your eyes recoil at the blinding light. The air is thick with a sulphureous smell and the dust sticks in the back of your parched throat. Slowly your eyes adjust and come into focus revealing a blurry figure… “Welcome to the Tainted Wastes” he says through a wry grin. Hi everyone! My name is Zesty (Aaron) and I've been playing D&D 3, 3.5 and 5e for almost 25 years and DMing on and off for just about as long. Are you looking for a DM that will be as invested in the life of the campaign as the players? How about a campaign where your decisions feel heavy with long lasting consequences that can and will resurface? If you’d love to play in a world where you can create and become the heroes (or villains) and literally change the world, you've found the right DM.

GM style

My playstyle is tough but fair. Fun is the most important aspect here; we are playing a game after all. However, in my experience, I’ve observed that overcoming challenge is the glue that binds both the party and the story together. I encourage my players to work together and think creatively to overcome obstacles while building a shared experience. This being the case I don’t just hand out rewards. Minimal effort will be compensated as such. Don’t walk into a room and say “I roll an investigation check!” and expect to know every detail of the scene. I do however highly reward creativity and audacity. If you approach things in this way, you will almost inevitably be rewarded for your efforts. The characters in my games are living, breathing, thinking creatures. Be they people, dragons, monsters, or other-worldly entities, they will respond to your actions in a way appropriate to them. Your character's actions no matter how small will carry weight. If this sounds like your cup of tea, join me out in the Tainted Wastes and lets make a story together!

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