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About me

Hey Players, I've been GMing now in total for about 7 years, 2 of those years on Digital Table Tops. The most important thing a GM can do I think is to allow the players to tell a satisfying, exciting, emotional story and I tend to focus more on the narrative and role playing than the mechanics. I'm not a blood thirsty or adversarial GM, I'm totally on my player's side but, it is a game and so we do obey the dice, whatever triumph or tragedy they lead us to. I tend to specialise in horror games as well and one of my other skills I feel is in creating the chills and tension of a horror scenario. I've had tables who liked the gore and nihilism of classic cosmic horror and I've had tables who preferred more light hearted adventures (almost Scooby Doo at times),I enjoy both styles and everything in-between so I can run Call of Cthulhu, Savage Worlds and Alien RPG at the moment.

GM style

I tend to be very player friendly, I used to do some classes at FG College so I'm used to talking players through their first ever play of a game system or TTRPG, I like to make sure that all the players get their chance to shine in a game as well. The most important thing is for everyone to have fun so whilst I do like to throw obstacles and perils at the players, problems to shake their morals and frights to shake their bones I do tend to want them to succeed. However I also like the gamble of dice so players're in for a scare.

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