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šŸŒŸ Professional Dungeon Master | Podcaster | YouTuber | Streamer | Fantasy Enthusiast šŸŒŸ šŸ›”ļø Expert in cozy games and RPGs šŸŽ² Crafting immersive tabletop adventures šŸŽ™ļø Hosting engaging podcasts on all things RPGs šŸ“ŗ Sharing tips, tricks, and gameplay on YouTube šŸŽ® Streaming magical journeys and cozy game sessions Join me on a quest through enchanting worlds and epic stories! šŸ°āœØ Meowdy, I usually run homebrewed scenarios in games that benefit from a deeper level of roleplay, though I'm no slouch when it comes to interesting and engaging combat, either. I have a passion for character development and incorporating my players' stories into my world, sometimes making permanent changes to the world depending on the heroes' actions. My tables strive to have an air of inclusivity. To help facilitate that, I have many guides and aides that will help promote a welcoming and safe place. No matter your story, background, or who you are now, you will be welcomed and respected. I started playing DnD with my Boy Scout troop 12+ years ago. Since then, I have played in or run many systems and am always looking for a reason to meet new players and try new ideas. I use discord for voice and will use either roll20 or Foundry for character sheet management / maps and handouts. Cameras are optional, however a headset or earbuds with a decent microphone would be recommended. If any of this sounds fun, I hope to see you around the table.

GM style

I focus around interesting scenarios with multiple solutions. With that being said, my combat is often enjoyable for both "hit them until they're dead" and "there has to be a better way" players. I try to strive to develop your characters throughout the course of the game, as well, leaving many opportunities for roleplay not only with NPCs, but among yourselves as well.


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