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About me

Ive always been creating my own worlds, and recently been really enjoying the creative outlet of Dungeons and Dragons. After GMing a game for a while with some friends, I realized that this comes really easy to me, and becoming passionate about a campaign feels natural and effortless. Leaning into character backstories and creating personalized content keeps me creatively engaged, while developing a world that feels welcoming and lively to the player. I have a degree in computer science and video game design, where I took classes on accessible game design, and graded/play tested player designed modules. That, and a background of playing and running games since middle school has left me with a wide set of games that I have run, and a huge love for the TTRPG world. As for my style of game, I typically run games that focus on the storytelling. Player feedback is important, but telling an amazing story, and having a great time are priority number one. Rules are important, but enjoying the game is more important to me, so rules occasionally bend. As for content, I do not mind exploring sensitive topics, but will ensure that all players are okay with doing so beforehand. That being said, my games will exclusively be for players 18+. Recently in my career I have been working as a data analyst, so one of my pet projects is developing a system of recording rolls and other data from a campaign, and using it to display stats in awesome data visualizations over the course of a longer campaign. Still early in stages, but might be fun soon :) All players are welcome at my table, digital or physical, and any forms of hate, bigotry, or otherwise unruliness will not be tolerated.

GM style

I am very big on creating grand stories, that involve the players. I keep a rotating queue of player content that will move from player to player, giving them each their own "beats" that expand on world lore and players themselves. I love being creative, and enjoy playing with creative players as well. I tend to lean towards the rule of cool, as I believe that the rules are a framework to set up an amazing experience, but should never get in the way of that experience. All hatred is not welcome at my table, and will be met with no tolerance. DND is queer in nature, and anyone is welcome to play the character that makes them whole.

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