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Wolfgang Eslinger
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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, Knows the Rules

About me

- Sometimes having a boblin the goblin style one shot is all the party needs to recuperate back to the overhaul campaign about defeating Natherzerk the lich and his puppeteering control over two kingdoms. - I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for almost the last 12 years and within that I have been a dungeon master for about 9 of those while being a player in other games. I also run a Discord text based D&D server (Westmarch) and that has been going on for about 3 years now as a side hobby. I run a home campaign for my friends a many of times and get step into their backstories growing their characters as the story progresses. - As for how I run my games is dependent on the people I play with... On average my games entail of 50% Combat and 50% RP, I find this to be a good balance. A lot of the time I use theater of mind unless complex combat breaks out in which there will be physical dungeon on the table or what many of us use the good grid wet erase mat. - I have a plentiful amount of miniatures and dice, you are free to use them during my session, just please ask. If you've read this far then here's something you should remind me of if you're in my game. You get 1 inspiration if you come to my game with a miniature of your character that's painted.

GM style

The moment when the eyes light up in the player and they turn to the rest of the table and start telling the tale of their masterful plan they just came up with. Finding a balance between the tactical combat in the game of avoiding the dragon's molten breath that's pooling in the room to the elaborate roleplay between player characters and NPC's of explaining to the noble of why you needed his rubies more than he did and how they are worth more to you than him. I strive to have a responsive world in my adventures and pursue player agency.


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