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In my years of playing and running 5th edition D&D, I have developed a passion for telling stories as a group. As a game master, I aim to create a gameplay style where players are free to engage with the world as they see fit. At my table, you can expect to meet detailed NPCs, explore unique environments, and fight tricky foes! I'm an experienced educator who is more than happy to help newer players out, and as a queer American-born Iranian, inclusivity is a high priority at my table. Everybody is welcome. Let's tell a story together!

GM style

I'm a lifelong lover of the console RPGs that D&D inspired (Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls, etc.). They've taught me a thing or two about how to create combat that's challenging for the right reasons. I aim to make players think carefully, but I don't aim for TPKs. I'm also a former actor who relishes in creating and portraying detailed, realistic NPCs. My passion for music means that it's not possible for me to run games without some excellent tunes to keep players engaged. I also enjoy creating settings that feel developed enough to be explored. I consider my GM style to be "tiny sandbox," where a world is developed enough that players can explore, but contained enough that they aren't overwhelmed.

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