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About me

I tripped and fell over GMing when I ran a "3-month" 7th Sea campaign at the end of college that is still going today, 15 years later. I've run several other campaigns and a whole ton of convention one-shots, including games at the convention I helped run for a number of years. I'm a professional GM because gaming is the most fun thing I can imagine doing for money! and because I want to share my skills with more people. Collaborative storytelling is a powerful way to enjoy life and transform ourselves, and I think everyone should do it. One of my favorite things is introducing new players to role-playing, so reach out if you're a newbie in need of mentoring! Especially because my games often run toward more intense themes, making sure everyone is enjoying themselves and feeling safe is a huge priority. At my tables we talk about triggers ahead of time and work through interpersonal conflict as often as we can. That said, people just interested in spreading hurtful stereotypes are not welcome to stay. LGBTQ+ and neurodivergent GM welcoming all your identities, especially the marginalized ones. Outside of gaming, I'm a Pagan spiritual leader, singer, parent of 4, and avid gardener. What amazing stories will we tell together?

GM style

I'm a roleplay-centering GM for sure. Silly accents, costumes, and audio-visual resources add depth to our adventures. Characters' subplots and the main plot share the spotlight. No railroading: I come to the table with a plan and expect it to change based on players' actions. I run great cinematic combats, but I only run the crunchy-combat as long as all the players are having fun. My favorite stories center the characters' stories within a vibrant and fascinating setting. Think Firefly, Star Trek: DS9, Sense8, or Hilda. I tend to run intense, character-driven RPGs, with the genre varying from comedy to action-adventure to horror. Weaving together characters' backstories and side-plots makes me so happy. I prefer to run simpler systems that get out of the way of storytelling, especially Cthulhu Dark, 7th Sea Dark (a homebrew), and FATE Accelerated, though I also love some classics like Old World of Darkness because of the rich settings. Regardless of setting, I trust players to make real contributions to the story in progress and like to share storytelling power with players.

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