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About me

When I think about D&D I honestly think about the endless possibilities that players and I can bring to life. The adventure, the bonds, and so much more. The act of playing any TTRPG and roleplaying has always moved me to be a better GM and player through and through. As a GM I look to make those memories for players. Something to really make those moments spark and ignite something within the players. To bring them through a real journey; a fun adventure that can bring a waterfall of heartfelt emotions. From joy to fear all the way to sorrow and back again. When it's okay to do so, I believe adding a few darker, more emotional moments bring a lot to the table. Now, that said, I certainly do not look to break my players, TPK, or throw nothing but hurt their way. I always do my best to incorporate my players desires with what I have to offer and look forward to bringing people along through the magic of TTRPGs. I have played a variety of TTRPGs over my six years of experience. A few of these being D&D 5e, D&D 3.5e, Pathfinder 1e, Starfinder, and more. I'm always open to new systems, and new experiences they offer help me grow and improve as someone to both host and share these games with. Over that time, I have had a fair amount of experience creating homebrew for players. Using specific ideas that just were not reachable otherwise for the system we were running. I am also experienced enough to comfortable adjusting a few rules around to make things enjoyable for everyone involved. My goal is just that not only that I have a good game, but that my players share the same sentiment.

GM style

As a GM my style prioritizes providing a safe, fun, and open environment for everyone involved. The games very LGBTQ+ positive and it reflects throughout my campaigns, especially in the variety of NPCs that I've been told offer a sense of inclusion. I focus primarily on heavy RP, rather than combat. Not everything has to be bloody, but sometimes it cannot be helped. However when combat does arise, I assure you it is meaningful and always offers multiple options; such to talk things out. Ensuring players are comfortable in my games is important to me, and one key way to do so is by offering as much safety as I can. This includes being open to players bring up concerns in private, implementing content warnings, and adding topic skip options. On top of that I do keep a list of topics as well as other triggers to be avoided. This index is completely anonymous and added to as needed. When it comes to modules staying strictly on book is always an option, but I do prefer to open them up a bit. I find this offers more growth for the characters and exploration for players; be it through romance, open-ended stories, better balancing, or other options. As for my own homebrew I offer an open world with a few small things to pull towards bigger plot points. Keeping the party's interests and fun in mind much as possible in our campaign. If the party would rather be casual adventurers or trades-folk and never face a large greater evil that consumes all, that's just as well. I do my best to attempt voice work with the goal of improving the experience and setting the mood. I may not be as skilled as some people, but so long as everyone is enjoying it or feeling the atmosphere then doing so is worth the effort. However, this doesn't mean that character voices are discouraged or required! Do whichever you need to get into character and into the game! I also tend to broadcast my own webcam to help with this, but it is not a requirement of my games. For those who prefer shorter sessions/events we have modules and written one-shots perfect for quick adventures, birthdays, holidays, other occasions. If you're looking for longer sessions, I also have experience running events exceeding eight hours play. However the session time hard limit is eight hours total for the moment. New and seasoned players are always welcome to join the TTRPG experience, offering lots of hands on assistance for anyone who would like it. I am open for assisting with character creation, development, or general help for other games as well!


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