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About me

Howdy! My name is Josh and I have been DMing DnD 5e for 3 years now. I love running anime style homebrew campaigns where my players can go hog wild! All are welcome to my table where chaos and creativity is encouraged! What makes me different: 1. I absolutely love busted builds. So if there are any power builds past DM's have shot down and you want to play them, please be my guest. 2. I am not the best at voices and accents, but that doesn't stop me from trying. 3. I have been told my combat is darksouls level of epic, with my homebrew monsters being strong but not unfair. 4. Master of chaos. I have grown up playing with the most chaotic players known to man, so I am always ready for players shenanigan's. 5. Hard working. DnD is my passion and I work hard to make a fun, and exciting environment for my players. I reach for creating an adventure that is completely unique and unlike any other. 6. All are welcome! "Let's all have fun and play together!" -Tet NGNL

GM style

- Love technical combat/play - Hands on with players - Lots of creative freedom - Covers all fantasy themes - Powerful foes - Homebrew out the wazoo

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