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About me

I've been playing D&D 5e for seven years now after about a year of playing I decided to start DMing and fell in love. Most of my experience playing and DMing has been with custom campaign settings. I use Fantasy Grounds Unity to run my games and am well-versed in both it and D&D mechanics. I’m also more than willing to teach new players how to play. I believe that D&D is a game that anyone can enjoy, regardless of their experience level, and I’m always happy to help new players get started. I’m always willing to listen to any feedback that is given and always appreciate it.

GM style

My style is definitely not for the faint of heart. It is more on the hardcore/realistic side of things combat wise. Creatures/npc's will behave like they should. Beasts will run to survive, monsters will try to kill weak party members, and intelligent races will employ strategies and tactics and if evil have no misgivings about stabbing the unconscious paladin that just went down for the 3rd time. Sleeping/resting in dungeons or enemy strongholds might end up with more fights if you aren't smart about things. Outside of combat I like to reward smart thinking, talking and roleplay. I'd rather you try to convince the guard with your actual words then a roll. But saying that I understand not everybody is comfortable doing such and will always accept rolls in lieu. Rules wise I will follow the latest FAQ/Erratas and am more then willing to discuss any rules concerns players have. We can discuss any table/variant rules during session 0.

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