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About me

I love this game, and I pour all of that passion into every single session. As a voice actor and storyteller, my games have a big role-playing element in the form of accents, voices, mannerisms and colourful descriptions. However, I make a point of it to make everyone feel comfortable to roleplay however they want. D&D and other TTRPGs are one of the most extraordinary experiences available to humans - I really believe this. I started my professional career as a theatre actor around age 16 and moved on to become a director in my early 20s. I quickly concluded that any production (stage play, movie etc.) will always be richer and more meaningful to those who participate in its creation vs those who just have to passively watch. Fast-forward a few years - I found roleplaying games. A wonderful mix of acting, storytelling, worldbuilding, art, tactics, problem solving, socializing and psychological exploration that allows any person to be an integral part of creating the story - truly an evolved form of our most primal art. Want a visual sense of what I am like?

GM style

My games are usually a mix of whimsy, wonder and gritty existential dread - think Adventure Time meets Ghibli meets D&D. Of course it also highly depends on what the players are looking for - as I make a point of weaving the story arcs 100% around player characters' backstories and the kind of experience players are looking for. I aim to make my sessions highly entertaining, by making the world and characters feel intricate/real and employing my years of voice acting/roleplaying skills to make them unique and memorable. Even though I like to put in a lot of prep for each session, I am also very open to the 'rule of cool' and letting players take agency in what they want to do and where they want to go.


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