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About me

Greetings fellow adventurers! My name is Iosephus, and I discovered my love for TTRPG games about 10 years ago when a group of friends and I decided to give D&D 5E a shot. Though I was a player in that game 10 years ago, it led me to dive headfirst into learning how to be a DM. If for no other reason than being able to DM for my own friends. I then started doing research, watching other DMs run games, started looking for ways to solve the common issues that bog down the game, and little by little my own style of DMing began to form. I discovered a love for story telling and world building, and that's why many of my adventures are homebrew, which I thoroughly enjoy because it provides an opportunity for us to discuss what you truly want out of this adventure, and we can shape the world in a way that brings maximum enjoyment to the whole party. My goal as a DM is for you to feel fully immersed in the world created. I encourage players to think about backstories, and the flavor of their characters as I like to take pieces of the character's backstory and insert them into the world so that you truly belong. Does your character have a scar from a battle in a war? What war was it? I will ask you these kind of questions in order to flesh out these details so that this "war" becomes part of the history of the world around you. I use Discord for Voice/Video chat and utilize Foundry VTT as our Virtual Table Top program. In conclusion, I look forward to playing with you all and discover what the world holds in store for the adventurers.

GM style

As a primarily Homebrew DM, I love focusing on the details. My love for homebrew TTRPGs is the creation of worlds, story and history. I say history because, I tend to cherry pick themes from folklore and mythology and insert them into my campaigns. The way I see it, I provide the bones of the story and your actions, decisions and backstories provide the meat. It is a collaborative effort where at the end we can look back and see what kind of world has grown around our characters. I try to do some voices, and I have a lot of fun trying lol. (Feel free to laugh with me when my accents begin to mix together!) That being said, I have a couple voices in my arsenal that I can rely on. With a background in Architecture, I thoroughly enjoy drawing my own maps, floor plans and at times I will even create renderings of buildings or landscapes to show players in order to give their imaginations a jump start. I provide ample opportunities for players to explore the world at their leisure and I even have a Discord channel where players can have in-character (text) conversations in between sessions. These "conversation" tend to sneak into the campaign in fun ways. Imagine these conversations as your characters chatting over a campfire while resting! To tie everything up in a nice bow, my style focuses on maximizing fun and encouraging imagination. If you come up with a fun, imaginative solution to a problem, I will always reward that effort from the player.


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