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About me

I'm a ginger geek that grew up in the backwaters of Northern Ontario. We had three channels on TV, and three games for our old NES. In the summer, my little brother and I spent a lot of time out in the countryside, going on adventures - playing in the woods, climbing trees and, on more than one occasion, hiding from a bear. When winter came around, we were forced to huddle up inside many blustery days, thanks to the lake effect cold that came in off Lake Huron, only 5km away. Luckily a nearby friend taught me how to play Dungeons and Dragons. My brother and I quickly realized that it was just an extension of the stories we told on our forest adventures, and took to it easily. The winters didn't seem so bad when you could go on any adventure you could imagine! Since I was barely 16, I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons in its various forms, but branched out early to other game systems -G.U.R.P.S., Vampire, and SLA Industries. I learned that while I LOVE DnD, I prefer to play it than run it. So, I GM a wide variety of games to help introduce the TTRPG-Curious folks out there to their options! I'll run a selection of one-off sessions and ongoing campaigns such as Cyberpunk Red, Through the Breach, Mork Borg, Vast Grimm, Triangle Agency, and on. Come learn about the unlimited options you have at your disposal!

GM style

As a lifelong gamer and role player of over 20 years, I know that the first rule of play is to have fun! That's what my GMing style is all about! Regardless of the system - Cyberpunk Red, Vast Grimm, Mork Borg, Through the Breach, or any of the others I've run, my goal is to ensure that everyone at the table is having a blast. After all, I may be the GM but I'm a player, too! I often seek out opportunities to encourage players to actively participate in the narrative. My job is to set the scene, you get to fill it out. Any Game Master knows that even their most careful plans will never stand up to the wild ideas and shenanigans of their players. I am no different. I like to think that I have embraced the creative chaos that can come from running games, and I have become very flexible in that regard. I deeply enjoy roleplaying interactions between NPCs and PCs in dramatic encounters, but I also know that crunchy combat scenarios have their place. You can expect a blend of snappy scenarios and crunchy combat, with a pinch of humour and drama here and there.


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