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About me

After over a decade in the entertainment industry, I have pivoted my focus to my passion for tabletop gaming and my gaming company Escape Plan Games. My time working in the film and television industry allowed me a chance to pick the brain of many great artists and storytellers, and to apply that knowledge to my game mastering. Working professionally in narrative media has helped shape my approach to both storytelling and combat inside of tabletop rpgs. I am eager to bring my passion for this hobby and my love of communal storytelling to you and your group and to help you shape your next great adventure.

GM style

I blend a healthy amount of roleplay with tactical combat. I am willing to adapt to a group's desire to play a more theater of the mind combat if requested. I will try to bring out a little character in each of my players so they are not just a collection of equations, and understand that good roleplay isn't just about making a funny voice. Everyone deserves their moment at the table and we will work together to find opportunities for your character to shine. I treat failures as opportunities and not banes when running TTRPG's. I think that allowing the dice to steer the story can lead to humor, tragedy, surprise, and any number of outcomes that fudged rolls would never lead us to. I will not ask you to make meaningless checks, if we roll the dice there will be gravity to the outcome. I firmly believe that this is where some of the magic in this sort of storytelling lies. The story belongs to all of us but is also guided by chance and if we stay open to that we will both find ourselves in places we never expected.


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