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Marty Caplan

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Marty Caplan

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39 years
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About me

I love tabletop gaming. Always have and always will. Why? It’s something about creating a whole world with others around the table that is just my favorite thing to do in the universe. From high and low swords and sorcery fantasy to horror set in our Lovecraftian past and present, to near and far future sci-fi adventures in apocalyptic Earth, space or beyond, I can tailor an epic one-shot or ongoing campaign experience for you! Rates range from a starter deal of $300 for a beginner 5-person 4-hour session to $50 per person per hour for continuing custom campaign. More intense and elaborate experiences available at a greater cost.

GM style

Custom Gameplay I often design custom setpieces using bespoke cards, props and puzzles to bring something even more special to the table, all working in theme. For instance, replacing dice with cards and chips for a Western game, or creating a sound puzzle that requires players to assemble audio clues in pitch dark, or using walkie-talkies to stay in touch with an undersea rover, or using a warehouse theater complex to model 3 universes breaking apart! Deep Inquiry For brave souls ready for an intense emotional experience, I run games that offer R-rated content and choices where soul-searching in-character is driven by participatory narrative and worldbuilding. These can revolve around time periods like the Gold Rush in 1840s, Weimar Berlin in 1933, The Haight/Ashbury in 1967, or other historic or literary era where I do extensive research and game writing then dive in with a group to explore the beautiful and emotional themes of life at the time. Experience Design I can organize and host not only nightly experiences, but design and produce a whole weekend’s worth of entertainment in an evocative location like a hotel, campground or resort, or online in virtual spaces. These can include tabletop games, live action experiences and performance art all themed to your desires, wrapped in a metanarrative experience that create unforgettable memories.


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