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About me

Greetings! With 30+ years of experience as a player, GM, writer, actor and storyteller; experience running multiple TTRPG systems including D&D, Pathfinder, Maelstrom, AFF, Doctor Who RPG and MERP; and as the owner, head writer and primary artist at Eye Wonder Artistry & Games I like to prioritize collaborative storytelling over strict adherence to rules and emphasize the players as the protagonists and heroes at the center of the story. However, I'm certainly not a stranger to a more traditional dungeon crawl or a more mechanics heavy approach. My main goal is to make sure that my players get the experience that they want and that everyone is having fun. Whether you're looking for an extended campaign, a one-shot adventure or something in between and whether you're a beginning or experienced player, I'll tailor a game for your needs. For every campaign or one-shot that I run, each player will receive a character sketch and a party sketch to commemorate the game.

GM style

My preferred style is collaborative narrative storytelling with an emphasis on roleplaying over rules, but I am happy to tailor games for the preferred style of the group. If you prefer a strict, rules-based game or a balanced mix of combat and RP, that's what I shall endeavor to provide. I have a background in theatre and storytelling spanning 30+ years and my aim is to keep everyone at the table entertained and engaged. I also find that it helps if everyone has a role to play in keeping the game moving, so I ask anyone who is comfortable doing so to take a role in keeping track of story notes, treasure, bonuses and penalties etc. This gives everyone a role in the game even when their character isn't at the forefront of the action, and allows me to keep the game moving more smoothly. Of course, if you'd rather just concentrate on playing your character, I've got the bases covered!


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