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Randall - Cherry Tree Games

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About me

The tension is weighty, suffocating: a moment suspended on the edge of a blade. Live, or die. Fight, or run. Figures move in the shadows - wolves, goblins, sweeping robes, shapes only seen in nightmares. Panic threatens to drown you; you glance about, danger everywhere. From behind, you hear the sound of steel against a scabbard; a low incantation begins; a growl reverberates. You divine the presence of trusted companions, and you swallow your fear. You are not trapped - these shadows are. In your hand, you sense your power - your quiver, your sword - and you cast it forth. Time slows, fates bend, and the silence breaks with the sound of destiny manifesting: Natural Twenty. ____ Welcome, friends, to the Cherry Tree! My name is Randall, and I’m here to do what I love most in this world: tell stories with others. Those stories may range from the horrific to the hilarious, from epic high fantasy to small-town whodunnits. No matter the themes or tone, I try to make every story unique. Sometimes this means tweaking a module to get a better fit, sometimes this means writing a whole new story - and sometimes it means setting the tale in my own homebrewed world of Ilian. Anyone who is willing to collaborate with, listen to, and respect their fellow players is welcome at my table. Whether our story is fun and goofy or dark and spooky, everyone should feel safe and comfortable with it and each other.

GM style

Play Style - Balance of Roleplay, Combat, and Puzzles - Collaborative Play and World Building - Yes, And - Open Communication Collaboration between players and the GM is always encouraged. Have an awesome idea or a creative solution? Let’s hear it! Collaboration is key to a fun and exciting tabletop experience! I try to tailor what each game prioritizes to its players. Striking that balance of content requires communication. Whether it’s a one shot or a grand campaign, tell me what you're looking for. I promise to take it to heart and make the story we tell one that you will enjoy. Tools - Full Access to DnD Beyond Library - Roll20, Full Maps, Music, and Atmospherics - Discord Server Immersive and often intense games can have their challenges when playing over the internet. It’s because of this that I employ many different tools to aid in keeping my players (and myself) immersed in the story and experience. Some of these are visual or auditory, while others simply aid in communication and access. Content - Safety Tools: Lines and Veils, X/Red Cards, and Debriefs - Homebrew - Published Modules I want to know what makes you feel safe at the table. Themes and content are always communicated prior to a game, and I utilize several safety tools for in and out of play. Games I run range from light and goofy to dark and grim. Because of this, I use published content that appeals to me and my players, but I also absolutely adore making my own homebrew content. That ranges from items and subclasses to one-shots and an entire world! No matter the content, I love when players make the story their own. If you think I sound like a DM that you would enjoy playing with, pull up a chair, get your 20lbs of dice, and let's have some fun!

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