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Shannon (The_Teaching_DM)

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About me

I am a school teacher who has started running games for beginning (even Absolute Beginners) players. Never played before? Great, I can teach you what role-playing games are. Played once and were overwhelmed by the details of the character sheet? Great, I can explain them all. Want to make a first-level character to play with friends, but are too embarrassed to ask them to sit down and tell you what dice to roll? Great, I am here to help you out. Oh, and I have a ton of games in my head that I can run once you 'get it' and are hooked on D&D like the rest of us...Welcome to the hobby! May you always roll high. I started playing in the 80's with the red box set and have played all the editions, although I never bought any 4e books. I also love Deadlands, InNomine, Toon, and other RPG's. And, board games...I love me some board games, too.

GM style

I think I am a pretty well-rounded GM that improvs well and can change my play style to meet the needs of the table. I can do dark...but I can also be downright silly. My style changes with the players I am working with. As a player, I prefer role-play. As a DM, I think creating dungeons is a lot of fun.

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