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About me

I have been Gamemastering tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs) for 22 years. This is not my hobby: This is my passion. I spend more time on content creation and honing my craft than on any other single thing in my life. I have a Masters in Forensic Psychology and have worked in that field for 12 years. I bring that intimate understanding of how "bad guys" work to my villain creation in order to make their motives psychologically realistic. I also have a background in theater and I worked as a mentalist (basically, a "mind reading magician") throughout college and grad school. I love performing and consider GMing to be a performance art. Each session is a show for you, about you, and involving you as players.

GM style

I LOVE roleplaying games and believe that a story comes to life through the alchemy of GM storytelling and player choice. I foster that alchemy by crafting plots with themes that resonate with the human existence, creating Non-Player Characters with realistic personalities, and rewarding players who make interesting choices that are true to the characters they're playing. The result is a roleplaying experience that feels like it's about your character and an emotionally rewarding story where your player actions matter. I excel at creating the sense of the macabre that is required for gripping supernatural horror games as well as maintaining the suspense and intrigue necessary for mysteries. As my player reviews can attest to, my strengths are: - making sure all players feel like they belong - encouraging creative player choices - creating immersive stories - developing lore-rich worlds for those stories and characters to inhabit - I also make props, do voices, and use custom-curated soundscapes for full immersion


Player reviews (25)

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