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About me

Hello, my name is Brandon; one of the co hosts of the hit D&D podcast CritAcademy! One of the primary reasons I've joined is because I like to entertain. I love DMing. I love to see/hear the players voices howl in excitement over an awesome roll or success of a plan. I started playing just before I joined the U.S. NAVY. It's amazing how many salty sailors played D&D. Once I came back home my best childhood friend became my DM and eventually started the D&D podcast CritAcademy. After awhile of him DMing I told him "hey if you ever want to be a player I could try out a mod for you. See if I'm any good." Well his response? "Here's Dragon Heist. You're running the next campaign." Talk about throwing me to the wolves XD. In the end it was one of the best things to happen. They're always asking me how I come up with some of the stuff I do. Sometimes it's a page of notes and others a word or two. My mind is an adventure book I open to my players. Being a professional DM is a dream. I'd rather be spinning tales of epic adventures from behind a DM screen than to spend life behind a machine. Don't wait! Book today.💜

GM style

How I DM - I don't like saying "no". My players will always have freedom of choice. Beware though, some actions have consequences XD -Natural 20s in combat is max damage plus the damage rerolled. -I usually play theater of the mind but will from time to time use a VTT such as roll20 when a situation calls for it. -I try my best to balance role-playing with combat. Everyone gets a little bit of something. -I bend the rules and sometimes break them in an effort to make your experience more fun. -I'm known for improv. Improvising a situation can have some of the absolute best outcomes. -EVERYONE is welcome at my table. No matter your race, religion or sexual orientation. If you're having fun, I'm having fun. Creativity is most definitely awarded. Stop on by for a game, have fun, make friends and roll high. Keep your blades sharp and spells prepared hero's.

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