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About me

Greetings, I'm Wolf. I oversee a Westmarch Server where I both participate as a player and lead games as one of many dungeon masters. My experience on Roll20 exceeds 40,000 hours, with five years of dedicated dungeon mastering. My worlds are filled with custom-made artwork, maps, and tokens. I take extra care in crafting my NPCs, ensuring they form meaningful connections with the players. Storytelling for me is a joint venture; I cherish building narratives together with my players. Their involvement in the story is deepened by integrating their player characters into the fabric of the world, making their choices pivotal to the overarching story. I'm well-versed in D&D 5E rules, acknowledging their significance while ensuring they don't overshadow the player experience. I pride myself on being adept at balancing diverse encounters on the fly, particularly in response to players' unexpected moves. My approach is geared towards providing balanced opportunities for character development and welcoming player input. This builds anticipation for the next adventure and keeps my players excited. The thrill for me as a dungeon master lies in maintaining an element of surprise. My objectives are to improve the narrative unity of my campaigns, cultivate an open environment for feedback, and refine my encounter design. I'm dedicated to elevating my game sessions to be even more compelling and enjoyable for both my players and me.

GM style

My approach to dungeon mastering prioritizes player engagement and storytelling. I possess a thorough knowledge of the game's rules and excel in adjusting to the players' unpredictable actions. Additionally, I enjoy challenging my players with tough scenarios, incorporating lethal traps, complex predicaments, and formidable foes.

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