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About me

William C. Tracy has been playing video and tabletop games his whole life and got into RPGs nearly twenty years ago. He has played D&D in fourth and fifth editions and Monster of the Week, and has run games in the Planet Mercenary and Blades in the Dark systems. He is also developing his own RPG system based on his published works, using rules similar to Powered by the Apocalypse, with a push-your-luck dice mechanic. You can be a play tester and help develop the game! William loves to bring in characters in all shades of gray, and skip over that boring black and white! He believes while writing and playing RPGs, that there's always a more interesting story when characters have a reason for doing their noble or vile deeds! He's always up for learning a new system, too. If you want to play a game with detailed worldbuilding, fun characters and voices, and new places to explore with morally gray characters, sign up for one of his sessions! William is a lifelong fan of science fiction and fantasy. He has written nine self-published space opera books with music-based magic and, epic fantasy from a small press, just published his first anthology, and will begin publishing other authors in December 2021. He also teaches martial arts, and loves to bring his writing and teaching skills into his games. You can also get one of William's novelettes by signing up for his mailing list at, or following him on Twitter at

GM style

William loves playing games with detailed worldbuilding, problem solving, character backstories, and getting into why characters do what they do. If you're tired of rolling dice for hours in turn-based combat, why not spice it up a bit with some other systems like Blades in the Dark or Planet Mercenary? William loves to take failures and turn them on their heads to lead to new edge of your seat play. The real joy of the game is finding what new opportunity is created in a botched dice roll! William is also creating his own RPG with a push your luck dice mechanic and emphasis on solving problems rather than extensive combat. If you want to be part of the creation, and fun characters, voices, and new places to explore with morally gray characters sounds like a good time, sign up for one of his sessions!


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