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Robert Mullen
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About me

I really love collective storytelling and the theatre of the mind. When a table gets together, it's a magical time, where adventurers gather their strengths and venture out into a perilous wilderlands. There are many things hiding in those wilderlands. It's my part to bring to life what lives in those wilderlands, be they metaphorical, or real... The mix of silly and serious, is really my sweet spot. Care to come join me at the table and see what fate awaits?

GM style

As a GM/Facilitator, I love working together to create characters that players like to play, and present these characters with interesting and challenging choices. I've been playing since the late '90s and am in this for life. As I've learned more, my main purpose was to create a game experience in which all kinds of different folx could enjoy themselves. That's really the main goal of these games: Having fun! I've plenty of experience with both the more rules heavy side of the rules systems, and the lighter rules that focus on the story. Lately, I've been leaning more towards story-based games rpgs, but I'm also loving the 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons content, as well. In the end, I am super passionate about bringing all kinds of folx to the table. For me, fostering a great group, with fun people, and interesting stories that include everyone, is really what it's all about.

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