Pathfinder 2e | Pathfinder Society Sanctioned Play (Pathfinder 2e)

Pathfinder 2e on Fantasy Grounds, Discord

Pathfinder Society is the Organized Play arm of Pathfinder. Players advance their characters by completing sanctioned scenarios, quests, and other adventures. The types of adventures characters embark on are varied. Des...

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How to prepare

Players should have Fantasy Grounds Unity and Discord installed and working prior to the session. They should be familiar with the basic Pathfinder 2e rules. (The SRD is available at and the Core Rulebook is available at Optionally, they should have a character created and registered with the Pathfinder Society.

What I provide

I'll bring the fun, of course! :)

What else should you know

The only other thing to know is that with Pathfinder 2e being a newer system, sometimes players make mistakes based on old rules. That goes for the GM as well! Everyone at the table should be willing to let those kinds of mistakes go. Talking down to other players (even if they're your friends) isn't in the spirit of the PFS!

Gameplay Details

Gameplay varies by scenario, though usually there is some exploration and combat in every session. Some tactical decisions are expected as a part of the Pathfinder 2e combat system.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters should be created prior to the session. The FGU server will be made available in a window prior to the game in order to allow you to import your characters and get your hotkeys set up.

Players can expect







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