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Exploring Exandria! Play in Matt mercers world in: "Call of The Netherdeep" *Inspired by the hit series Critical Role*

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Exploring Exandria! Play in Matt mercers world in: "Call of The Netherdeep" *Inspired by the hit series Critical Role*

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Discord, Roll20

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  • Duration: 6 to 7 hours

  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players

  • Experience required: Open to all

Price per player-session

About the adventure

🏛️An ancient entity long thought destroyed has been awakened by the never ending greed of mortals. The darkest depths of Exandria held this epic champion imprisoned for ages. Once revered, his name shouted beside heroic deeds by every town crier and sung load by every bard across the lands now is mostly forgotten. High above, The red moon of Ruidus bends the fate of those who would dare tamper with the course of history. Dwelling in destitute despair he calls out to heroes brave enough to free him! will you answer? ⚔️Explore the wastes of Xhorhas, the glimmering oasis-city of Ank’Harel on the continent of Marquet, and delve into the depths of the gloom ridden corrupt realms of The Netherdeep! 🔱 📯You can expect: - Custom content, side quests, expanded faction missions, merchants and more! - Extensive roleplaying and top tier voice acting from NPC's with sincere depth. - Challenging battles and unique monsters - Matt Mercers style of character driven immersion and story telling - If you are looking for a Critical Role like experience this is it! (Not signed up for start playing games? use this referral code for 10$ off when you spend 10 or more!)

Professional Game Master



85 Reviews

Voice Actor

20 years as a TTRPG player

11 years as a Game Master

593 games hosted

Brings 🖥️Professional Grade Audio and Video.🎙️🎥 Roll20 Pro account w/dynamic lighting🔦, Compendium sharing📖: Core books (DMG, PHB, MM), Xanathars, Tashas, Mordekainen's, Volo's, Tome of Beasts, Tome of Heroes, Fizban's. Curated music playlists and a huge collection of beautiful maps/ tokens/ spell effects and more!🗺️🔮🪄🧝 to the table

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Additional Details

How to prepare

- Make a free roll20 account (link for game will be sent prior to session) - Make a free Discord account ( link for server will be sent prior to session, game info will be posted there) - Microphone required (always a good idea to test the connection through the settings in discord prior to the game, we will use push to talk to avoid talking over one another in game and eliminate possible background noise) -A solid internet connection (will make your gaming experience more enjoyable) - A webcam is a bonus but not a requirement. ( sometimes its hard to read the room as a GM if we cant see facial expression cues, but some people don't like to be on camera and that's totally fine.)

What I provide

I own the module on my Pro Roll20 account, it comes with beautifully illustrated color maps, tokens, dynamic lighting, handouts and more! (We will use in game assets for rolling dice using the 5e charactermancer) Supplemental content I also provide through Roll 20 compendium sharing: - Players handbook - Monster Manual - Mordekainen's Tome of Foes - Tome of Beasts (kobold press) - Volo's Guide to Monsters - Xanathars Guide to Everything - Tasha's Cauldron of Everything - Eberron- Rising From The Last War - Explorers Guide To Wildemount - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Tomb of Annihilation -Call of The Netherdeep - Dungeon tiles, tactical maps (Reincarnated) as well as many Gabriel Pickard quick encounter and town/city/hamlet maps, interactive maps - Spell templates, animated spell templates, animated weather effects, Asset packs for dungeon dressings. - Tokens galore for varied character and monster art. - Cze and Peku map collection (Used mostly in my home brew campaign, they are truly stunning maps) - Tom Cartos map collection ( varied and endlessly useful maps, also mostly used in homebrew)

Gameplay details

TLDR- (Some content in this campaign may be uncomfortable for some players, but are highly negotiable. The most important thing for me at my table is that the players have fun and get to cooperatively build a story together that they will remember fondly. Still I feel its good to list some content aspects upfront so a session 0 will when we discuss lines and veils etc.) -Detailed content etc. I typically voice NPC's and love to roleplay, no matter what I will be doing my best at that because its what I enjoy. I prefer if you do too, but if you just want to smash monsters with a sword, grab loot and take a narrator stance when talking about your character I'm cool with that too. My expectations for players is to treat everyone including myself with the same respect they are given and to maintain general decorum and immersion at the virtual "table". Some Content may be inherent in the system, but most can veiled or not included as necessary to the well being of the players in the session - Prejudice (I avoid racial prejudice in my games because there is far too much of it in real life for my liking, but some things are inherent in the lore and system itself. ex. "you smell like and ogre" and so forth) - Slavery ( slavery and servitude or even the brutal hierarchy of only the strongest survive etc. are not central to the plot but do exist ) -Brutality ( Medieval style gameplay can be brutal and gory, it can be harsh, nature itself is vast and untamed, death and murder are very prevalent, yet they can all be easily veiled if needed. I can dial back on descriptive battle scenes, horror and the like by request) - mental assault ( many spells in D&D take autonomy away from the target of the "charm" I find that the least fun thing to have happen to a player is mind control etc. but it can be done well if handled carefully. If not it can be easily modified or omitted) There may be more and probably are. Communication is the key to success, but it is also a necessity it group play to make sure that everyone has fun. I ask for full transparency in session zero of any lines or veils, possible triggers etc. At the end of the day I care more about you having fun than about me trying to make my homebrew setting gritty/ realistic/ dark etc.

Content warnings


Safety tools used
  • Breaks
  • Lines and Veils
  • Session 0
How will character creation work

Characters will go from levels 3-12 in this adventure. A session 0 will provide time for choosing classes, races etc. Choices are only restricted to my shared compendium on roll 20 (I have quite a few options and most of the books). Pre made characters brought to the game must use standard array or point buy, all published WoTC content is acceptable.

Players can expect

  • Combat/Tactics: High
  • Roleplay: High
  • Puzzles: Medium
  • Experience Level: Open to all

Player reviews (85)

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