Pathfinder 2e | Age of Ashes: Hellknight Hill

Pathfinder 2e on Roll20, Discord

When mysterious fires begin to burn atop the towers of a nearby citadel long ago abandoned by an order of Hellknights, a group of local heroes heads out to investigate. What they discover within the ruined castle and in ...

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I can meet with you to introduce you to the mechanics of Pathfinder 2e if need be. From there, I can help you build your characters prior to the session. The game will be played on Roll20 and audio communication will be handled over Discord. Be sure to have access to both of these services. No software necessary, just a stable internet connection.

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Don't stress a thing. Just log on and enjoy crafting a story with your friends or family. A well prepared and exciting adventure awaits!

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Hellknight Hill provides an excellent introduction to the drama and mechanics of Pathfinder Second edition. A typical session will have an excellent mix of combat, investigation and roleplay. Prepare to uncover secret mysteries and to slay epic monsters! Players will work together to explore the secrets of Citadel Altaerein. Exploration, combat and excellent roleplaying encounters are sure to occur. Included in the price: Prior to the first session, I can meet with each player over Discord to help them through the character creation process. As part of this I would love to both hear about their character backstory and help them to develop it. This allows deeper roleplaying as the characters stories directly impact the campaign.

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