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I use the setting of Wildemount to tell a custom game in this exciting world. I fashion it around which area in the continent your group wants to start in. The dynasty, the empire, and shadycreek run are just a few areas...

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How to prepare

You will need a free DnDBeyond account where you will build your character. We will make characters on our session 0, or you can bring someone you have already built.

What I provide

My DnDBeyond library, maps, tokens, and my winning smile :D

What else should you know

I hope you all enjoy the game, and let me know if you have any issues.

Gameplay Details

I love to cover the three tenants of Dungeons and Dragons. Exploration, Roleplay, and Combat

How Will Character Creation Work

We will run a free session 0 game for character creation, and to feel each other out going into the game.

Players can expect







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