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The call to adventure hit me some years ago now. Since then, i've spent years writing, play testing, rewriting, play testing again, and rewriting, the world that I myself would want to immerse myself in, from details large, to small. Because if I myself am uninterested in a world, why should you be interested? I challenge you to enter the extended universe! Traverse its lands in search of adventure, chaos, conquest, and anything you can put your mind to. Play in events such as Battle Royales. And be forever remembered in the History pages of Aril. -About me- My Name is Liam Wallace, I am 26, and I bartend in Wilmington, DE. My free time is typically spent escaping the real world through TTRPGs, Video Games, writing, etc. I run a business that is based in the sales of D&D related products. I love interacting with people, and especially seeing who they are once they break past the shell of reality... seeing who they truly desire to be, or could be given circumstances outside of reality.


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