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About me

Greetings friends and fellow adventurers from across the realms! My name is Chris, and I would like to guide you through the mystical and enchanting world of TTRPGs. I have a passion for storytelling and flair from creating immersive experiences, and I am ready to transport you to the realms of imagination and fun... survival is not guaranteed. I have enjoyed TTRPG's on and off over the last few decades, honing my craft over countless campaigns and adventures. I began my own journeys as a Wolfen Bounty Hunter in Rifts, then a Half-Elf Rogue Assassin in D&D 2nd Edition, to even trying my luck as a Dwarf Paladin within a Fate system. Eventually, picking up the torch and guiding the way for others to create their own stories within Pathfinder, Starfinder, and 5e rulesets. Whether you are a seasoned hero, or a newcomer to the realm of clickity clack math rocks, I will do my best to craft an enjoyable journey for you and your fellow adventurers to experience. WHY CHOOSE ME? MASTERFUL STORYTELLING: I love crafting an engaging narrative! From epic quests filled with prophecies, to trap ridden dungeons that are littered with the bones of your predecessors. I love bringing these realms and worlds to life for the players to explore. IMMERSIVE ROLE-PLAYING: Dive deep into your characters shoes, as I encourage rich role-playing experiences. I support veterans and newcomers alike to try new voices and get in the mindset of the world through their characters eyes. Your decisions will help shape the world around you and remember... actions have consequences. RULES MASTERY-ISH: I have an encyclopedic knowledge of the rules... all within reach. HAHA I have homebrews that I run that I feel make work alongside the Rules-as-Written (RAW), but never shy away from the Rules-as-Intended (RAI) either. I will always try to balance and make things fair but ensure that the game is still fun... this is a game after all! If I don't know something off the top of my head, I have the internet and the books beside me to quick reference. If need be, I'll make a judgement call quickly to ensure the flow of the game is not stalled. MEMORABLE ADVENTURES: Expect to unexpected as I weave mysteries, puzzles, and heart-pounding encounters into every session. Your stories will become legendary tales for years to come... will they be fantastic tombs of triumphs or tales of woe and warning for others to learn from? So adventurer, are you ready to embark on your journey? Whether you seek to vanquish ancient evils, uncover hidden treasures, or forge and unbreakable bond with your party members, I am here to help make that happen. A wonderful world awaits you. Will you answer the call? Take a chance, seize your destiny, and embark of an adventure? Go head, roll the dice and let's see what happens next!

GM style

I'm a storyteller that loves breathing life into worlds with rich descriptions and diverse character voices. I fully embrace role-playing to allow you and the world to adjust and thrive in dynamic ways through our social interactions in world. CHARACTER VOICES: Whie I am no professional in the VO community, I will try to make your character interactions entertaining and fun! I try to bring life to the world and give them their own personalities. We can laugh together as my really bad accents as I slip in and out of character. ROLE-PLAY IS ENCOURGED: As I put an emphasis on RP to bring my world to life, I fully encourage my players to feel this is a safe space to try it as well. This is a world to try new and wonderous things. Embody your character. What is their backstory? Motivation? Idiosyncrasies? What connects you to this world for others to experience. Add a voice to your PC, feel what they feel, and see and experience the world through them! Let your imagination be your window to see through, and your desire to try something be your door to wonderful results. COLLABORATIVE PLAY: We are all here to play and enjoy an experience together. Let's build a story together, that we each can enjoy. Work with your party to achieve goals, as your actions drive this story forward. I will adapt the world to your choices. I thrive on those moments of, "I wonder what would happen if..." and we can see if it works! Those moments have sometimes been the ones that stick. PACING AND BALANCE: I try to maintain a captivating atmosphere, while ensuring pacing stays consistent. The focus is to ensure you are having fun w/o forgetting the time. I will provide a world blending of actions, suspense, humor, and camaraderie. I try to balance from RP along with enjoyable, and sometimes stressful, combat experiences. For beginners, let them learn the ins and outs of the system and learning how everything works. For my veteran players, understanding tactics maybe the key to survival. One does not simply walk into the kobolds lair! INCLUSIVITY AND RESPECT Our gaming table is based on inclusivity, respect, and safety. Each player's comfort levels with role-playing is honored, their diversity celebrated, and comfort is valued. We have tools in place for any storytelling that might be a bit much to be discussed prior or moved passed (fade to black) or re-done during gameplay. We all have something wonderful to bring, and we also have our own fears and feels. This space will be a place where we can work together to ensure all parties are able to enjoy. FUN ABOVE ALL ELSE: While storytelling, role-laying, and combat are central to any adventure, my primary goal is to have fun and ensure you are too. This should be a time people can get together to laugh, get excited, and feel that sense of belonging and friendship with even complete strangers all based on shared experiences.

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