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Christopher Lowe

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Christopher Lowe

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10 years
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8 years
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About me

Gritty Combat. Fun. Drama. Velociraptors. These are things that you can expect when playing at my table or online. I am all about building the character you always wanted to be and setting them on an adventure you'll never forget. I've been running D&D 5e games for 10 years in my community and I can't wait to be apart of yours.

GM style

I’ve been a DM for almost a decade, and my total focus has been to help my players create the characters, stories, and the fun that they always wanted in D&D. I primarily use the D&D 5e rules as my main resource of judgment, however I do implement my own homebrew rules to add intrigue, flavor, and efficiency to the game. I also don’t mind making your characters OP (overpowered), it just means that I can throw tougher challenges your way. My players have always appreciated that, as they consider it to be fair, and most importantly fun. I design my sessions to have equal parts exploration, social interaction, and combat. Every player leaving the session should feel that something funny, exciting, or epic happened and was worthwhile. I often like to ask my players, what is their character thinking, feeling, or responding to in a situation to help roleplay but not enforce it. The most important part of any campaign, to me, is Session 0. Setting and managing expectations is the most crucial element to any prolonged, enclosed exposure to other people. If you know what you're getting into ahead of time and can manage your expectations around that, we're going to have a better game. This can mean anything from the tone of the campaign (Silly Out of Character banter vs Serious Roleplay) to In game mechanics. For games that are designed for one specific group, I'll have a Session 0 ahead of any campaign. For games that are more for dropping in and out week to week, I'll have something typed up ahead of time for anyone trying to come in to read and review before they start so they'll know what they're getting into ahead of time. I also wanted to point out, when you're playing in my game, it's YOUR game too. I take everything into consideration when it comes to your characters agency, your enjoyment, and even your boundaries. Not only will I be an understanding DM, I will also be your friend! Send me a message and so we can get started!

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