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About me

My first fateful experience with TTRPGS began in high school, when a friend showed me his copy of Dungeons & Dragons: 3.5 Edition. In that moment - reading through those fantastical pages - I had found the perfect creative outlet that combined my passions for writing, theater, improv, and fantasy. I started the hobby as a player, but I quickly transitioned and embraced my new role as the forever DM. What started over a decade ago with a small group of high school friends playing D&D blossomed into new games, new campaigns, new worlds, and new friends from all over the world. I've had the pleasure of running both official content and worlds of my own design, with countless vibrant settings, complex casts of voiced acted NPCs, and rich, personalized narratives designed around the most important people in any TTRPG - your player character! I take great pride in utilizing my skills to breathe life into a collaborative world where you can take center stage. A world full of intricate characters you care about, where your choices can change their fate as well as the world around you. If you crave a roleplay focused environment with a committed GM who takes the time to interweave your character into a living, breathing world full of interesting characters - come take a seat at my virtual table. I have a wealth of experience running games for players from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels. My games are a safe space where all players (including LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and Neurodivergent players) are welcome. I love introducing and teaching new players, so if you are new to a particular game, or even to online tabletop role playing games in general - let me be your guide and give one of my games a try!

GM style

First and foremost, I consider myself a collaborative storyteller. I take great pride in taking your input to handcraft character-driven stories. It is my goal to create an emergent narrative around your characters, rather than fitting your characters into an existing narrative. I want to bring the tales of your characters to life – all their trials and tribulations beautifully woven into the narrative of the world they inhabit. A world that is yours to craft as much as it is mine! I thrive on collaborative worldbuilding, where you can be more than just a player, but a co-narrator – together we will sculpt a collective experience you will never forget. Invest yourself in a dynamic world where your choices matter – player agency is always my priority. I strive to present you with thought provoking and challenging situations where the stakes are personal. Dive deep into your character’s psyche with narrative scenes tailored to drive character development. Watch as your decisions play out in a reactive environment full of complex and dynamic characters brought to life by yours truly! Utilizing my experience in theater and improv, I aim to make every NPC as unique as the players encountering them. You’ll meet a diverse cast of fully voiced characters, tangled in an intricate web of clashing motivations and loyalties for you to explore! Discover a new level of engaging roleplay with dramatic performances that give life to beloved allies you care to protect, and dastardly villains you love to hate. Immerse yourself further in a roleplay experience complete with art, digital props, and curated soundtracks from Tabletop Audio that go above and beyond to set the scene. If you want to get lost in the roleplaying sauce and enjoy a narrative experience that will stick with you long after the session is over, this is the virtual table for you! One of the greatest strengths of tabletop role playing games is the power to explore interesting and sometimes difficult ideas within the safety of a fictional space. These ideas can sometimes touch on real world issues. While these can make for deeply personal and engaging roleplay, they can also hit too close to home for some. I always use safety tools such session zero and lines and veils to ensure my players have an engaging experience at a level they feel comfortable. When you book with me, I offer: • Character-driven narrative experiences. • Deep understanding of game mechanics and rulebooks. • Expert level improvisation skills. • Ambient soundscapes and curated music. • Voice acting for NPCs. • Access to all books you might need. • Discord channel access to discuss the game between sessions. • Safety tools to ensure a fun environment for all players. • …and so much more!

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