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The Wired Nerd (Adam)

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About me

Welcome to Wired Nerd Gaming. WHO I AM My mission To make sure we have a fun time that uses the rules and mechanics of the game to tell a story of adventurers living through fantastical adventures. About me I am Adam. I have lived a very nomadic life traveling all over this cool planet, but have been mostly based in the USA. I am currently located in Bend Oregon. I love books, movies, video games and stories of all kinds. When playing TableTop Roleplaying Games games I love to reference media, even if it can be anachronistic. I was first introduced to TTRPGS in 2009 while I was overseas in the USAF . I played Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 and I was hooked after my first game. After getting out of the military I ended up working for a bookstore company and got to learn many new game mechanics. After 2020 I saw a lot of flaws in the systems that we had and stepped away from the corporate world and decided to instead tell stories and share the joy that TTRPGS provide. If you don’t know a rule or how something works that’s ok because at my tables I am there to help. Now I don’t know everything but I have the tools and resources to find out. !!!!!!!!! If you do not have a problem with racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and other forms of exclusion do not join my games. I want my tables to be a safe place for everyone except those that make it unsafe. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Games & Schedule What Games Do You Play? Currently I run Dungeons & Dragons 5E Cyberpunk Red Marvel Multiverse Tabletop Role Playing Game Deadlands: Reloaded (SWADE) When Do You Play Them? Currently all of my games run between 6:00 and 9:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. But if you would like to reach out about starting a game at another time just reach out by messaging here WHAT DO YOU NEED TO START? A computer (The virtual tabletops typically do not work on a cell phone or tablet) A discord account (all voice will be done on discord and you can contact me 24/7 via text on discord) A account (It is free to sign up and being in my game will give you access to most of my pro benefits) If you are playing D&D a

GM style

The most important thing for me is that you feel connected to your character and the story that they are experiencing.


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