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About me

Hi! I'm Dylan, and I'm really looking forward to running some games for you today! I've been playing DnD for around twenty years now, and I've been GMing since day one. I first met my wife playing DnD 3.5 with strangers online, so the game holds a very special place in my heart. Don't expect that to limit me to just DnD, though! While I'm most familiar with the various editions of DnD (aside from aDnD, that's my wife's are of expertise), I've also run Edge of the Empire, Pathfinder, Call of C'thulhu, and a good number of obscure d20 systems. First timer, veteran, or just getting drunk and vibing, anyone's welcome at my table. Welcoming to roleplayers and wargamers alike. Are you ready? Roll Initiative.

GM style

I love a good mixture of roleplay and tactical combat. Happy to lean in to either roll as appropriate to the group. I particularly like to run campaigns that are either very whimsical, or pure horror. I'm probably not going to be the GM that kills you. But I am going to be the GM that breaks your wrists, steals your puppy, and breaks your epic +2 mace across my knee, and laughs maniacally the whole time.


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