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About me

Hi there! I love telling collaborative stories with folks just as much as a good ol meat-grinder so whatever your play style is I'm happy to accommodate it. All my games come with a player survey and session 0 doc so I can tailor my table to you. In my house we respect everyone and have a 0 tolerance policy for being a jerk. I've been a life long storyteller and hold a BFA in English Creative Writing. Within the scope of TTRPGs I have been a player and GM for 4 years, with my first level 1 - 20 campaign starting this March. Within the scope of my work I play and run APs. While that's all good and fun I miss meeting new people in the hobby. I know I can't logistically accommodate playing with EVERYONE who's asked me to their table so I decided to give Start Playing a try. (I'd need more days in the week to make that happen)

GM style

I tailor my table to what the players desire. Typically I create sessions that are 50/50 roleplay and combat for systems like D&D 5e. For more narrative focused systems I tend to pull back on the combat encounters and focus on social encounters and heavy RP.


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