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Welcome, Adventurer! My name is Josh AKA The Dark Mage, and I'm here to deliver you one hell of a game! I have been DMing virtually on a wonderful discord community for a bit over a year now. After a few months, I noticed something crazy happen. Whenever I opened a new game, I had a good chunk of the server looking to be in one of my games. I seem to have an unofficial waitlist for games opening up. After several months, people started commenting that I should be getting paid for all the work I do homebrewing my games, and consistently delivering solid sessions. So, here I am! (I may also be in need of additional income) What makes me different? Well you see, I am a goofball. But in all seriousness, I spend the majority of my sessions in character. I give each NPC a personality, and voice act them, RPing with you to drive us deeper into immersion. I strive for realism, so rules are more of guidelines when considering immersion. I make heavy use of battlemaps, animations, and music in Foundry VTT. I do my best to utilize Theatre of the mind as little as possible, giving you visual aids wherever possible. Most importantly, I have some pretty amazing custom adventures coming up later this year! (As well as an original TTRPG) I strive to deliver consistently exciting games that you will talk about for years to come!

GM style

Immersion above all else. I utilize roleplay and voice acting to great effect for this. Combat should be challenging and rewarding, with a hint of realism.

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