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About me

Greetings, potential player! I am but a humble Game Master, seeking to play the games that I love with as many folks as possible. I've said in the past that "if I could run infinite games, I would". I adore rpgs - both from a mechanical and narrative perspective. They are pretty much my main passion project at the moment, and I wish to share that passion with all of you!

GM style

I can personally support and have experience in running all pillars of play, from social encounters with silly character voices, to combat encounters in varied terrain. In terms of tone, I will say that I personally generally prefer a good mix of levity and seriousness, chuckles and hardship. The exact “difficulty” is scalable based on player preferences, but my general preset is “I’m rooting for you, but I’m definitely going to try and present challenging scenarios”. I am a very open GM, in the sense that I’m always looking for feedback and player input - don’t ever be afraid to ask me anything. We can always talk about adjusting the modes of play, even deep into an ongoing campaign. My primary point of proficiency lies in my flexibility when it comes to attempting to tailor games to my individual players. Communication is a key component of this - I will always try to make myself available before and after sessions, as well as during the week in general, to try and keep in touch with players and make sure that we are always on the same page. I will also always strongly encourage group communication, starting from Session 0 and establishing expectations, to moment-to-moment interactions during play. I should also probably mention that I strive to have a table that's friendly and respectful to people of all backgrounds and experience levels. My secondary proficiency point would be... I like to homebrew. A lot. From custom mechanics to worlds and creatures that inhabit said worlds, I find great joy in putting my own personal spin to things. That being said, I always attempt my best to keep the core balance and mechanics of the systems that I run intact.

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