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About me

My goals as a Dungeon Master: Create a fun experience for everyone at the table, Tell a unique and engaging story with my players, and Continue to expand the knowledge and skillset of both myself and my players, making each session more fun than the last. Hello! My name is Tanner, I have been a Dungeon Master playing D&D 5E since 2020. I also am the host and resident DM of Foes and Fables, a D&D podcast! I love to run games that are rich in story and depth, meaning roleplay and character creation are huge aspects to the way I run a game. I homebrew all of my campaigns and settings to create a completely unique and memorable experience tailored to each of the players at my table. I draw my inspiration from NADDPOD and Dimension 20, as well as various collections of music, art, and media that have shaped my tastes. I want the campaigns I create to be diverse in tone, ranging from epic, dangerous battles that determine the fate of the multiverse, to rolling a d100 to see how handsome the water elemental you're fighting is. Because I homebrew all of my settings, I can gladly accommodate whatever kind of game you and your group are looking to play, from a gritty world of survival amongst the undead, to a whimsical land of steam-boats based on 19th century Americana, or even just a standard fantasy setting, I can lead your group to wherever you want to go! Whether you're a seasoned player or have no idea which dice you need, I strive to create a environment where all skill levels can feel comfortable and learn a thing or two. In addition to welcoming all levels of experience, all players of any background, regardless of race, religion, color, creed, and sexual orientation are welcome at my table. Listen to Foes and Fables here:

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- Heavy on roleplay and story development - Theater of the Mind Combat - Talented voice actor for diverse character voices - Sessions can range from deeply emotional moments to painfully silly

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