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About me

Hello, My name is Russell, aka DM Snugglybeast. I have always had a facination for a good story full of adventure. I have always loved the adventure, magic, exploration and discovery, and all things the imagination can create. I grew up reading the books of the Forgotten Realms, finding my first book crush with Cattie Brie in the Drizzt books, and experiencing all the awe that was the Dragonlance Chronicles and everyone's favorite anti-hero mage Raistlin Majere. I read of the adventures of Han and Luke in what is now Legends lore in the aftermath of Episode 6, the trials and struggles of Luke trying to start a new Jedi Academy and Han still running from his previous life of crime, and the many other adventures the crew had. These were the things I grew to love and the adventures I seek to provide my players. A brand new adventure, separate from the world around us, but all to real in our imaginations with characters that are brought to life by our own creativity and humor, and the pieces of ourselves that we give to them. Adventures full of danger, humor and the chaos that frequently ensues in these adventures. I have always found collaborative games much more fun than the competitive counterparts, and I have loved RPG's for a long as I can remember. I remember in 6th grade running a 1st gen Pokemon D&D style game for my friends at recess. Which is why when I decided to start a game night with my friends I chose D&D. I have been playing RPG's for about 20 years in various forms, and DMing D&D specifically for the past 3 years. I started with 1, which quickly became 3, and now I am the DM of The Masters of Mediocrity game on Twitch. I run both online and in person games for both sci-fi and Fantasy genera's. I have a Bachelor's of Arts in Music and have been in multiple local plays. I love Roleplaying and tend to favor it more in my campaigns. I have my own homebrew world I run my homebrew campaigns in, But I am happy to run a module if that is what you'd prefer. May the dice roll ever in your favor, and I look forward to seeing you at the game table!

GM style

I love to roleplay and tend to include more of that in my campaigns. I like to do character voices, although some are better than others, but I don't mind making a fool of myself trying to do a voice. I do love running combat, and have multiple sources for monsters, including the MM, Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes, Volo's Guide to monster's and the Tome of Beasts from Kobold Press, that I use to draw inspiration from for my battles, and will homebrew frequently to fit my needs. I have my own Fantasy World that I run my homebrew campaign's in, in which I am constantly adding on more Lore, depth and content to. That being said, I do try to adjust my DM style to accommodate the desires of my players, granting more combat or roleplay where desired. I love writing lore and backstories and will help my players to generate one to fit into the world around them that is interesting and exciting to them, giving depth and a life to their character. One of my biggest things is having a passion to play your character, and I will work with you to develop that character. I love it when my players find creative ways to fight a monster or avoid an encounter, and I am always supportive of alternative methods to solve a problem. I am an all inclusive DM, and invite all to join my table including minorities and the LGBTQ+ community, and I do my best to provide a safe and fun environment for everyone. I also encourage new players to join, as I have started several games exclusively with new players that have learned along the way.


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