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A dyed-in-the-wool gamer since discovering "Chainmail" and "Dungeons & Dragons" in 1977, Steve has been hooked since. As a teen, he was heavily involved in theater and continued to play D&D with his friends, eventually leading to his creation of the first D&D club in his high school. All the while something magical was happening behind the scenes: the creation of his own multi-genre TTRPG setting, the World of Evindale. Since those days, gaming and professional entertainment repeatedly crossed paths and enhanced each other. This finally culminated in weekly actual play Twitch streams, a highly-detailed campaign setting, and a career as a professional voice actor in video games and animation.

GM style

• Cooperative storytelling • OSR-style gaming • Immersive music and sound effects • Unique character voices • In-depth descriptions • Player-driven story • Fluency in the campaign setting --- There's a story in each of us, in our creations, and in others just waiting to come out. Absolutely, consistently in rules is important as a way to inform players of the standardized bounds of their character's reality, but ultimately we're here to have fun, shine, and lift each other up through cooperative storytelling. New to such gaming styles? Here's what you may find at this table: be rewarded for your ingenuity, a reminder to let your character sheet be a guide only when needed, a detailed world setting that's begging for you to discover more, encouragement to take your roleplay to the next level, active listening with the GM/DM encouraging others to give everyone a chance, inclusivity in the setting and around the table, a strong belief and practice in aftercare, and ultimately a chance to be creative and explore your imagination.


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