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About me

Hi, the name’s Siannax. I’m primarily a Dungeon/Game Master and from time to time dip into the Player position, to see “the world” from the other side of the screen. I’ve been DMing for about 15 years now, jumping between systems for quite some times and then finally settling on D&D 5e. I live in Central Europe, so the times might be off for some, but I always try to run a session on weekends that would allow different timezones to join in as well.

GM style

GMing style: • First of all, rules are made to be broken. While I do like to have rules present, they are still more of a guideline. I believe that Rule of Cool is way more important. • Following the rules thing, this is my second important policy; we are here to have fun. I am way more into player shenanigans and having a good laugh rather than doing math with background music. Go crazy and have fun. • The thing I focus on the most in my games is Roleplaying. While combat is a secondary thing, I still try to make it different. Rather than throwing tens of encounters with hundreds of Goblins at you, I make the encounters challenging and unique. You will fight creatures you’ve never fought before and finding their weakness will give you a huge advantage. • Player decisions shape the world, they are not ignored. Also, player backstory most probably will get into the play as well. I love to read, so I don’t mind lengthier backstories and the more I can work with, the more of it you can see in the campaign. • I run my games on Foundry VTT and use Discord for voice. I don’t do video. • My default session length is 3 hours. If all players agree they want to have more, I can extend them to 4 hours. I try to make them last this long, but from time to time I might end them 10-15 minutes earlier (or later), if the plot would make more sense for it. Breaks are 5 minutes every 1 hour, with 4 hour sessions having a 10 minute break in the middle. • I mostly run (and currently only) D&D 5e. Next system (currently in planning phase) will be Starfinder and/or Mass Effect 5e. • With a new group, I always run a session 0, which is always free. Should you have any questions (both while you are in the campaign or maybe right now), don’t hesitate to contact me. I usually don’t bite and am always glad to be of help ;) (booking price may vary on the content(module/homebrew), system and length of a session)

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