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About me

Hi' my name is Stephen I have been in love with all things fantasy and folklore for over 25 years, from Lord of The Rings, D&D,Video Game RPG's, Movies, Anime and much more I have been a dungeon master for just a few years now but have been doing it nonstop since, as strange as it feels sometimes it truly is a passion of mine and one of those few things I can just get lost in. I love meeting new people and the characters they create. Through the many personal aspects of D&D and roleplay. As someone who found this game later in life due to many reasons, I strive to not let others wait so long , so get out there , play some games, express yourself , I Welcome ALL PLAYERS especially you beginners ! I have always found new players to be some of the most creative players. 0 Hate or discrimination is ever allowed at my table so get out there or get in here and have a blast! feel free to shoot me any questions! Happy Adventuring

GM style

I Truly love equal amounts of roleplaying, exploration, and combat. Every player gets heard and every PC has time in the spotlight. I try to encourage teamwork and creative problem solving I like to run a sandbox style game with clear options as to not feel lost, Let's create this adventure together I often stick close to the rules unless a moment calls for an exception AKA the rule of cool. I like to keep it clean fair and fun. but also my ultimate goal is for you to both feel accomplished and satisfied, so sometimes we might do a little extra because well we're legendary hero's aren't we? If you want to insert homebrew, I'm eager to discuss, things are easy to tweak. If you want to talk about your character between sessions, I am interested in your ideas. I am always available to answer questions through this site. If you have any doubts before signing up for a session, please contact me. I am always eager to hear from established parties who are looking for a new DM - whether you have already been gaming together, or you are a group of friends, coworkers, or a family group, I would love to take you on an adventure together. I am also very happy to entertain requests from existing/ongoing groups for a specific campaign for your party, whether you have a published module in mind or just an idea that you'd like to develop. Play the game you want to play! G-rated and other customized games available on request. My sessions are special needs inclusive, LGBTQ friendly, anti-racist, and respectful of religious and non-religious people. If you're a team player, there's room for you at my table.

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