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About me

Hello there, adventures new and old! Since you're browsing and looking for a game to join, let me tell you a bit about myself first and foremost. I have been into fantasy ever since I was a young lad, be it literature, games, or art. I am also an avid video gamer, pc gamer and have played old RPG game from the early 80s to now. But there is nothing more I enjoyed most but playing roleplaying games with friends and strangers on the table. That was the time I had my first contact with the Tabletop RPG genre, I fell in love with it. I could not only enjoy adventures and worlds made by others by then, and now I could make my own and shared my stories with others. I started with a lot of other RPGs and became a DM at 18. More than twenty years later, I have been the DM in a plethora of campaigns and events. I've played with and hosted in my hometown and city with huge number of friends and strangers in houses, gaming stores, events, conventions, and gaming clubs. I take real care when introducing people to the hobby as everyone's first time should be special so they can love the hobby as much as I do. My main goal is to have fun games where my players can feel comfortable and become invested in the world I created and the players can journey in. Nothing makes me feel happier in RPGs than listening to my players enthusiastically recount the tales we have created together and then coming back for more. As they say, the degree of success for a session or campaign is judged by how long after the players talk about it. As far as paid DMing is concerned, it is my firm belief that a professional DM is expected to have high standards in his attitude towards the game and the players. And you can expect as such from me. If all the above got your attention, I hope I will see you in one of my games!

GM style

I'm known to be a versatile GM/DM, am capable of handling both character roleplay and complex mechanical systems for each of my games that I run. My combat encounters are sometimes highly intense, high-stakes affairs, while my none-playable characters are multi-faceted and well thought out for each and every adventure, meaning you will never meet the same NPC twice with the same characteristics except for almost sounding the same, and I love making funny voices for all my characters. At the same time, I never lose sight of the core story goals of providing a fun experience for my players. Most of all, I'm a GM who listens to you, the player, incorporating your content and thematic preferences into the game to create a truly unique experience. You may be coming to my table, but I'm here to help tell your story as the adventure progresses.


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