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Vahid Qualls
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Less than a year on StartPlaying


20 games hosted


Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, Inclusive


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Response rate: 100%

About me

Hello! My name is Vahid. As well as being a Dungeon Master for 40+ years, I am the producer and DM of the streaming show Dice Legenz (links below to check out our show). Over the 40+ years of being in the D&D scene I have spent thousands of hours playing HEAPS of different TTRPG systems, but I especially love D&D 5th edition. Role-playing games are an amazing way to connect with friends, make new friends, create new and exciting worlds, and just have a wonderful creative time. Fun is the core of all of the games that I run. The sessions that we will have together will be a balance of engaging, interactive role playing, and exciting, thrilling, fast paced action. While running pre-made modules is fun, the real excitement for me is creating new worlds, new characters, new adventures. Therefore, the games that I run are in unique world settings. Together, we will encounter monsters you have never seen before in places no one has ever visited before. And at the heart of all of the adventure are the characters that YOU make - the heroes, or perhaps antiheroes, of our adventure. If you like making fascinating heroic (or anti-heroic) characters, you're in the right place; if you love helping to build wild and wonderful worlds, you're in the right place; if you enjoy scintillating role playing experience, you're still in the right place; if you're a strategic thinker and love combat, this is the place for you; and if you love going up levels and collecting loot… yep! You're in the right place! The games that we will play together are open for any experience level. Whether you are a veteran, or a first-time D&D player, you are welcome here. When not doing Dungeons and Dragons, professionally I am from the television and media world. I'm a music composer that composes for media, especially animation, but also for advertising, games, magazine shows, children's shows, sports, etc. I've also had experience as a voice actor, script writer, animation director, and now the producer of the Dice Legenz show. In my personal life I am a husband and father. I live in New Zealand, but was born in Bloomington, Indiana in the United States of America. I'm a world citizen who works with people all over the planet. If you are interested in checking out the Dice Legenz show to see me and my team in action here are the links:

GM style

Cinematic storytelling through the interweaving of the unforgettable characters, unique homebrewed world settings, and fast-paced action where every scene matters. Being a professional composer, I use music heavily in the game to create and enhance the atmosphere of the scenes. At the heart of story is character. And the heart of the characters are you. As well as engaging role-playing interaction, I also enjoy combat encounters that reward intelligent, strategic thinking and the clever use of a character's abilities. I enjoy groups that are collaborative and cooperative and understand that together they are building new worlds, new mythologies. I do not tolerate players being mean to each other in any form. This is a place for people to come together, strengthen friendships, and roll dice. New players are very welcome, and I have years of experience teaching new players how to get a handle on the rules. And when in doubt, rule of cool wins every time.

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