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About me

Hi All my name is Scott and I have been Forever DM/GM for IRL campaigns and one shots for the last 15 playing everything from AD&D to Paleomythic from Army of Darkness to World of Darkness, I love facilitating great roleplaying adventures currently running 1 online spelljammer and 1 IRL Waterdeep campaign, I like to use different media formats (images, videos, hand drawn maps, powerpoints) to support the theatre of the mind games on Discord, I try my best to be friendly and approachable and will always take feedback on board

GM style

Can and do run games with combat, mystery and drama. Expect well prepared sessions, detailed NPC's, can do both family friendly or darker themed games, can run more on the rails sessions for new players or completely open world game, LGBTQ+ friendly, trigger warnings decided in session 0, Games will be run on Discord

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