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Parker Ronn

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About me

Whether you're a novice or a veteran roleplayer, one thing you know is that YOU want to be right in the middle of the action. If you've ever made a character with a multi-page backstory, or wished that your GM would've let you do that one REALLY COOL idea but it would have thrown off their whole story, or wish players and their characters could drive the narrative instead of scripted plots, I may be the GM for you. I run heavily story based games using the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Ruleset. My Favorite settings are Rippers, The Last Parsec, and Deadlands: The Weird West, but Savage Worlds is a versatile system capable of telling a variety of stories and hosting a multitude of campaign types, from personal, in-your-face horror, investigation, all the way to massive exploration and swingy, dramatic combat. In addition to what we do at the table, I'm always around for out-of-game support, from character creation, to backstory crafting, to secret messages and objectives I send to specific players to sew a little extra intrigue. I have cinematic GMing style, I like to think of my role as the director of your ensemble's TV show. I give every player their spot to really shine, while dropping easter eggs and clues to weave together a much larger narrative in the background. If you're a very active roleplayer, or a noob with zero experience just dragged into it by your friend because "It'll be fun, I promise" I hope to see you at one of my tables very soon!

GM style

90% of the games I run are for new players with zero experience. Teaching is baked into the fabric of the way I run games and structure campaigns to gradually introduce new game mechanics and roleplaying opportunities. I love meeting players creativity and translating it into the game, "Yes, And"ing my way through each session. If you want a sandbox style world that feels alive, vibrant NPCs and the ability to choose your own path and goals, I think you'll enjoy cooperatively telling your story with me.

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