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About me

I started hosting games for my creative outlet about 8 years ago. I love to create puzzles, riddles, and poems. These pieces are hidden or blatantly placed throughout the worlds I run. I have been writing a fantasy novel for a number of years now and am working on creating a custom system of my own.

GM style

My focus is heavily on trying to allow my players to find themselves in a world influenced by every action they take or don't take. My goals are to run games that are for my players, I do involve combat but am very partial to having sessions that are focused mainly on role-playing and storytelling. With all that being said if my players ask for the game to be more akin to a hack and slash dungeon, I am more than willing to comply with a dangerous adventure filled with monsters, traps, and terrifying ultimatums around every corner. If you can't tell from what I like most it's player interactivity and storytelling. While the first prerogative is player experience the fast and hard number two is storytelling. Story trumps everything, even rules, so if you have some awesome hair-brained idea that would push the story in a new and fun direction, but you need to break some book rules to do it, I am more than happy to comply and help find a way to make it a reality.


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